Thursday, January 1, 2009

Advent Calendar:HAPPY NEW YEAR!-Nostradamus Predicts a Golden Age!

Today I am talking about re-birth and how this morning I was visualizing the blooming of white roses like how in films they make things move quickly so the roses go from buds to fully grown in seconds and to this visualization I was hearing the sound of Cat Steven's Morning has Broken...well I thought what would be an appropriate film to show for these feelings on this blog and I decided to dabble a bit into TV again although this is a very famous TV special and so kinda warrants it spilling over as film in a way...

You see everyone bad mouth's Nostradamus' predictions or always sees them as bad or like gloom and doom...the Third World War and all but I saw this docudrama when I was a child... they were really big back then...the TV moguls loved to churn them out. And especially when I was growing up in the height of 'the Cold War' American talk of World War three and nuclear holocausts were always abound! And this docudrama-Nostradamus-The Man Who Saw Tomorrow with Orson Welles (who I always mixed up with Alfred Hitchcock the director and with George Orwell the authour btw:)) will always be a classic.

But I am showing the very last clip for it because I want you to see how it all fits in with my morning's visualization and how it could be what instilled that idea in me as a child of the dawning of a NEW GOLDEN AGE!And how it dawns after we sort out all the hurt and this portrayal it happens after pain and war...but perhaps if we could resolve it peacefully by talking to one another trashing it out...? Arab-Israeli talks anyone?


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