Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Guest Blogger: Raj Arora on the Hindi Film Drona

While browsing on the website where I'm a member I saw a review of the Hindi film Drona by another member Raj Arora. And I got to thinking bout putting it up here as a guest blog while I am still ruminating on how I'm going to present the Strange Luck of V.S. Naipaul :) I asked Raj what he thought and he has agreed! We are now friends on Intent and you can check out his positive thought factory blog as he is a fellow blogger as well. Raj comes from the Gurgaon/Delhi region of India and was born in the Chinese year of the monkey!:)

I take it his first language is not English and as a result his expression in English is not like a fluent speaker but sufficient. Either ways it is the message that counts and really we should all be able to one day speak the same universal language. What I like is the message...the idea that films inspire us is coming across here along with the concept that we are all really starring in our own film in this here life!...Interestingly Raj does not read fiction and lists his favourite movies as:
'In a way every movie is good...its up to you where you see your self in that movie...all hit movies are hit bcoz people can relate with if you can relate with a nice movie..that means thats a hit movie for u..!'

Now here's Raj's review:

Today I have seen the movie DRONA.

Reports were saying the movie is not good…and waste of time & money.

Even though I went for this movie & got amazed with it. That’s because I got the meaning in it.

DRONA is the main character of this movie and was a normal man like you & me. He was not aware of his strengths and powers. He was living his life without any mission & vision. Some how movie takes a turn & he realized his true potential.

It is the same thing happening in each of ours life. We don’t know what we are capable of doing. What is our mission on the earth? And why we are living? We all need to know our path and need to do for what we are here on this planet. Realize your true potential and be great. You are capable of doing the things beyond your metal limits, which you have created in last several years. Come out of your comfort zone and you will meet a great life to live.

Now the next part comes where DRONA was getting problems & setbacks in finishing his task. Same happens with us. When we start something with all the positive attitude & great will, some issues, some fears come between, and stop us. And most of the time we stop & give up. But DRONA doesn’t give up. He runs towards his fears and finally he wins. Everyday problems are here to teach us the lessons.

DRONA is a magical movie. But in my view when we run towards our fears, magically something happens and opens the doors of opportunities for us. So in a way our life is also magical. There is a DRONA in each one of us, just need to see him.

Like DRONA, we all are heroes of our movie called Life. We are here for a mission. Expand your vision & you will see it.

I invite you to become DRONA, and live a greatest life which is your core responsibility & right too.

And that's the end of the Raj Arora's review. Below is a youtube posting of a trailer for the film and to be honest after seeing it I know I won't be watching the film. From the looks of seems to be like a mix of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings but with much less funding and so much less expert effects! But of course you can be the judge...and perhaps you'll go see it and have the philosophical viewpoint as Raj did coming out of it! The video is in what I'd like to call Hinglish! And Latin too cause is that the Latin chant from The Omen mixed in there? Well now I'm scared!

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