Saturday, October 4, 2008

Here We Go!

Welcome to the launch of my newest blog: Books and Films Corner. Here I write about the books I've read, films I've seen...the festivals I've gone to bout books or films and other related experiences I've explored in the area of Arts as a whole! How they affect me and how I view they inspire me and how I express myself through the forms as I myself freelance in the Arts industry. This is my journey...this is my story! I plan to start off with my experiences at the recently concluded Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival Hope to see you on here time and time again and look forward to you sharing your comments and views with me. Anyone wanting to be a guest blogger also welcomed! :) Let's go...and hopefully we'll have some fun along the way!

Hope you enjoy the clip from my Meady's Musings Production's Theatre Production Me Eat Manicou? It's the invocation dance to Ganesh followed by a bit of the beginning scene of the show. Dance done by Devani Ramnath of the Clico Shiv Shakti Dancers and in the opening scene is Carnella Barkley and Benedict Giuseppi.

With Love,

Meady's Musings Production


Elspeth said...

Thanks for the review, Meady. Much appreciated. And thanks in advance for the volunteering (you and friends).

meadysmusings said...

No Problem. Hope you're enjoying Tobago...there in two wks for short stay. Good luck with the Green Carpet concert! If you know anyone attending who wants to write a review of it as a guest blogger to put on here let me know. Oh I think you will enjoy my latest post on my meadysmusings blog as well. You can check out the post title 'Magic!...' when you get a chance.