Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Advent Calendar:The Last Day of Christmas!

Oh it it is...Christmas comes to an end and so too does my Advent animals are about to take off their Santa hats which they had donned and they seem to wear a bit of a frown...but chin up my friends as we join Brother Greg in Universal Collective Prayer and then look towards this here new year! :)

Dear God:
Christmas and Epiphany have passed but the spirit of generosity, light and love go on. May we enter into the story of the Magi bearing gifts. Bless us with the wisdom to honor you with gifts. May our gifts include the essence of who we are. May we never fail to offer the gift of our time, our attention, our care, our compassion, our love, especially to the marginalized among us. The star still shines, leading us to peace and truth. The star shines within us, it is the light of our deepest truth and self. Lead us to realize this Truth, this Self. May we never be parted from your light and your love.

Now taking off from Brother Greg's prayer I've been thinking about this here new year...

In fact ever since Google blessed me with awakeness on Mon by having that apple drop on my head...when F had equalled to ma courtesy the dead Sir Isaac and the F then equalled to me being awakened for the first time into 2010 and so there I went! :)

Wondering and wondering...and it made me think had I just been chasing my tail? Now this is not always a bad thing mind you...I mean we were in the dream state just before and well didn't Kelkule dream up the benzene ring by seeing in a dream a snake chasing its tail and catching it? Indeed he did! So perhaps it's not a bad thing...but I've been wondering as I step forward into 2010 as it unfolds as it should...Have I really moved forward or simply just come full circle again? In fact how I've been feeling is perfectly summed up in R.E.M.'s "Stand"...funny thing I found the perfect song to explain my feelings and it was also sung by a band whose named was R.E.M...yep you got that right the same R.E.M. used to describe the rapid eye movement stage of sleep where we do the most vivid dreaming! :)

So here it that vid of the song "Stand" while I contemplate its lines written by Michael Stipe who on this MTV video stated that he considered the lyrics inane but hey sometimes weird creative types hate their very own creations or what can I say or maybe just fresh out of the dream state we enjoy a lot of things others consider inane! :) But I really did think:

"Stand in the place where you live
Now face North
Think about direction
Wonder why you haven't before
Now stand in the place where you work
Now face West
Think about the place where you live
Wonder why you haven't before"

So as I "Stand" I've been thinking what to do in this new year...hopefully I've not just come full circle in vain just to start all over again...perhaps it is more I've completed a circle and now I shall go off on a tangent from it to create an even bigger circle! As one of my friends pointed out on facebook perhaps if I weren't just being an observer and I took things into my own I told her but yea but you see I'm not the dancer just the dance...and Shiv is the dancer you see! :) So perhaps I should go to he and ask him what dance he plans to do this year so I can prepare to be part of his wake! (A wake is the region of recirculating flow immediately behind a moving solid body, caused by the flow of surrounding fluid around the body.) So off I go again to sit at my guru's feet...but heading into the meditation cave these are the things with which I shall enter:

-Plans to blog at least twice a week on all three of my blogs.

-So yep indeed it means I will be reviving the Books and Films Corner fully! :)

-Plans to go even further into this thing I call UCP-Universal Collective Prayer which means less and less I will cover actual rites and rituals since I'd have accumulated quite an archive of those by you will continue to see more questioning...and I will be trying to get more povs (point of views) as much as I can get...but don't lose heart it will still continue to be my journey into this thing I call Universal Collective Prayer and I will always surrender unto the Divine Mother! :)

-Plans to perhaps another garden grow? (blogs about it will appear on Meady's

-Plans to explore Veganism some more... (blogs about it will appear on Meady's

But all these things will be Shiv willing and I will be heading into the mediatation cave with him tomorrow...When I come out I will tell you what things go and what if any stay and if things on the list above stay they should be better honed and planned by the end of tomorrow!

But after talking about going to see such a serious being let's come back to the matter at hand and close this calendar with a bang! :)

Those magi three they have as always come to sing for me...and I am with gifts as today is the official olden calendar's Epiphany when children are given gifts to commemorate the gifts those gentlemen three gave to the Christ child. However often in modern day times the Epiphany is celebrated on the Sun before which was Sun last Sun 3 Jan 2010 but unfortunately I was in the dream state then and did not blog it! But Bro Greg did come and left my three gifts for me(as I'm but a 4 yr old you see!)He said my three gifts were:



and tan tana!


So until Advent 2010 take care my friends my Purple elephant and little mouse tip their Santa hats to you and the bears send their love...of course we will blog on! As all the elephants just trumpeted and the monkeys continue to stay reformed!
But of course it will now be in a different light us you will see! :)

Don't forget to take those Christmas decorations down after all we must move on! And come on wipe off those frowns as we sing and dance one last time here!:

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