Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Advent Calendar:11th Day of Christmas-The Gift of Dreaming! :)

Here at Meady's Musings Production we love to dream...not just the day dreaming,inspirational kinda thing...although we love that too! But I'm talking about the kind you have when the scientists say you are in the REM part of your sleep cycle...the time when you tend to have the most memorable and vivid dreams! :)

The purple elephant and little mouse are indeed very tired after all the Christmas rush, activities and fun and indeed can do with some sleep and the dreaming always makes it just that more fun!:)So throw us a pillow and let's go!

So today on the Advent calendar we celebrate the 11th and penultimate day of Christmas with the Gift of Dreaming! :) As we also apologise for missing quite a few days of Christmas on here but as we said on Old Year's day we all had had great, big colds so could really have done with the rest and dreaming. In fact we only woke up from the dream state yesterday when Google did the lovely apple animation to honour Newton and F was equal to ma and the force of the apple hit us on our heads and we woke up for the first time into 2010...the apple fall for us was our equivalent of the ball drop in Times square! So thankfully we are here in the New Year! :)

And here is how we'll do it on each blog:

-On Meady's Musings
: We will discuss some of the science and metaphysics of dreaming and perhaps where both of them cross paths! We will also recall past talks this year on Meady's Musings about the topic of dreaming!

-On UCP: In all the great religions of the world divine revelation often comes to the mortal coil during the dream state! We will recall some of our favourite such moments!:)

-On Books and Films Corner: We will recall some of our favourite movies out there that involve dreams and explore the line between that world and the waking state! :)

So grab those pillows and let the dreams begin!


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