Sunday, December 28, 2008

Advent Calendar:3rd Day of Christmas-The Gift of Inspiration in the Film Chariots of Fire

The 1981 film 'Chariots of Fire' won four Academy Awards one of which was for the Best Picture. It is based on a true story about two athletes' journey to the Olympics in 1924. I saw this film when I was very young and can't remember the details or it and I am sure because I was so young I didn't even grasp all the details at the time. But even so I always remembered it in my heart as inspirational for whatever little I understood back then it to me still represents what the Olympics in spirit set out to be...what the Greeks must have envisioned when they started the games. To me all Sports and the Olympics is now meaningless in terms of spirit by and large (of course there will be many exceptions to this sweeping generalization) because really modern day sports is mostly bout the money not the spirit. In terms of its film making the film 'Chariots of Fire' is filled with marvelous acting and is forever famous for its score by Vangelis. Which makes it my Advent gift to you on this Third Day of I give the gift of Inspiration in Film! :)I hope you enjoy the opening scene,when the race is won and the close of the film...and really a gift to myself would be to get my hands on a copy of it to view it again at a more mature age. Would be cool to see a re-release of it one day...pity it wasn't done in 2006 which would have been its 25th anniversary.

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