Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Advent Calendar:Wed 17 Dec-A Charlie Brown Christmas!

My Books and Films Corner Advent calendar installation for today is very similar to the installation on my Universal Collective Prayer blog today and perhaps you can take it all in while having a cup of Cadbury's cocoa as featured on my Meady's Musings installation. Hope you enjoy the genius of Charles Schultz...the Charlie Brown Christmas is a very cherished Christmas memory for me from my childhood! Snoopy really gets me doing all the different animal sounds for the play! And to be reminded of the phrase "Good Grief!" And re-watching as an adult I only now realise how smart Linus was and how he spoke very little but when he did speak he seemed to speak from a place of such wisdom! Of course always knew Charlie Brown was a brooding brain! Hope you enjoy it too! :)

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