Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Advent Calendar:5th Day of Christmas-Angels on TV

I know this is a film blog not a TV one but today on this the Fifth day of Christmas on all my blogs I'm talking bout Angels and yep there are many good films about Angels out there but I just couldn't help myself but to talk about my fav TV shows ever about Angels!

-Highway to Heaven


-Touched by An Angel

If I had to choose one I'd say Highway to Heaven as it was more real but both were beautiful in their own way. Both happened a decade apart one around 1984 and one around 1994. I enjoyed both and at different ages, stages and eras of my life but for sure there were two series that I could tune in week after week to enjoy! :)

Here are the kick off parts for both shows as they used to start off on TV and for sure again I'd say the Highway to Heaven one is more powerful but again both strong and beautiful in their own ways ...enjoy! :)

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