Thursday, December 31, 2009

Advent Calendar:7th Day of Christmas and Old Year's Day-Reflections!

Meady’s Musings Production apologizes for not keeping up with the calendar and the twelve days of Christmas from the 4th to 6th days of Christmas. However she (Meady herself), the Purple Elephant and even the little mouse have all caught some great big colds! The Purple Elephant believes we got it from Rudolph’s red, runny nose as we were nursing sick reindeer while Santa used our donkey with cart instead this year!

However with a whole house full of sick it’s hard to figure out who should nurse who? And so we were all very unclear as to what to do! Also in an attempt to keep bread on the table for all at the house Meady still had to go out to her full time job so it was near impossible to put up gifts of blog posts. Most of the house guests will be gone by the end of today as the 7th Day of Christmas and Old Year’s Day is here…and all are excited to usher in the New Year!

So, on the today calendar we have made it here, to give you a gift of a blog post olé! As we present…Reflections!

Here is how it will be presented on all three blogs our Reflections on 2009:

-On Meady’s Musings: Our favourite blog posts we shared with you or things we did!

-On UCP: Some of our most profoundly divine and moving moments in UCP!

-On Books and Films Corner: We recall some of the movies we enjoyed this year!


Now this blog has not been very active this year and I only reopened it for my Advent calendar...I will contemplate in early 2010 if I have the strength and will to keep it there is not much to reflect on...but in Feb of 2009 I posted during the Academy awards till then some of the films I had seen most of them were in the period Jan to Feb 2009 (at least that was when they showed on cinema screens in Trinidad and Tobago) although some were from the year before...

To me good films were rare otherwise this year and since then I liked and enjoyed these three and I couldn't believe Spock had a girlfriend!:

In 2010 I hope to see early on Legion and I can't wait for Alice in Wonderland!:)

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