Saturday, December 19, 2009

Advent Calendar: 19 and 20 Dec-Simply More Christmas Fun! :)

Have some more fun at Meady's Musings Production House this weekend by viewing the lovely album created by the grand D.K. Matai and his ACTA Open group something he calls the E8 Album as part of his Holistic Quantum Relativity (HQR) Initiative! Now D.K. is too smart for the little mouse and even the large brained purple elephant but for sure we gather enough to know that he believes many of the same things as our blogs here echo...on Meady's Musings and UCP-Universal Collective Prayer for sure! My understanding of him is he believes in the one in the all and the all in the one! And even if some of the concepts are too grand to grasp the pics are awesome so check them! :) And enjoy! By clicking on this link:

According to ATCA Open "The E8 Album images are visual intersections of Spirituality, Science, Art and Sustainability!"

So for sure sounds a lot like things explored on these here blogs! :)

Also as you know the Meady's Musings Production House is filled with guests...some of the most rambunctious guests you will ever find especially them we just had to share this most heart warming moment two of our grizzly bear cubs had courtesy of Nat Geo! :)

And well on the whole this weekend we are simply having a Wonderful Christmas time!

Should be seeing the movie 'Avatar' and will come back here and review it perhaps on the Books and Films Corner blog ...or perhaps mix it up with one of the 'Avatars' over on the UCP blog! :)

But for now let's dance with Paul Mc Cartney!

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