Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Advent Calendar: 22 Dec 09-The Gift of Grace!

Well it's a Tuesday here on the Advent calendar and the animals and I decided to go visit old Mother Goose and according to her Tuesday's child is full of grace...so it led myself, all the animals and the three shepherds to discussing this thing call Grace!

Here is how we organised our talks:

-Meady's Musings: some of the everyday use and meanings of the word 'Grace'
-UCP:Divine Grace
-Books and Films Corner: The 2006 film Amazing Grace!


What my animals and I like about this film in particular is that in likens slavery back then to how people treat animals today...and perhaps everyone will one day see the light...and have Amazing Grace for animals everywhere!

Check out the film's official site here Amazing Grace:The Movie

And we encourage you to visit the change part of the site to afford Amazing Change!

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