Friday, December 11, 2009

ADVENT CALENDAR: THURS 10 and FRI 11 DEC-The Gift of Hope

Meady’s Musings Production apologizes for this late entry to the calendar for Thurs 10 Dec and it covers Fri too. The thing is the house still has not recovered from the mice and elephants that showed up for the friendship blog on Mon and the carpenter has definitely declared that we can’t have the bears over until the full repairs are completed. Something about the structure of the roof and works were delayed due to rains.

So in the interim for this retroactive installation for Thurs 10 Dec (and Fri 11 Dec) we are going down memory lane and retrieve from the archives of last year’s Advent calendar the gift of hope that we had given on all three blogs as well back then. And start the weekend Christmas fun early on Fri! The Purple elephant and little mouse are so apologetic about the damage that this weekend I'm getting the treatment while they help with the repairs. They have compiled a selection of Youtube music vids that we will put up shortly for your enjoyment all weekend long! We will return fully on Mon with the Bears and more exciting gifts!

Hope you enjoy it!

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